My first ever week retrospect

Jan 17th, 2021

It’s late on Sunday, it was a rest day after a very big hike yesterday so we didn’t do much, but I was set on doing a week retrospect with Sabrina and we finally got around to doing it.

At the start of the year, I set some goals (big ones I might add) and then did some deep reflection on them. My framework was thinking hard about why I want to achieve these things and the type of person I would need to be to accomplish them (inspired by Atomic Habits). I’ll dive deeper into the details some other time, but the interesting part is where I broke down all these goals into the things I needed to do over the year to make them happen.

This breakdown resulted in a list of daily, weekly and monthly habits, some specific tasks, and some smaller sub-goals. The daily habits I entered into my habit tracker (Tiny Rockets) and the rest I left in Notion, where I was supposed to check them constantly (spoiler alert. I didn’t). It’s now been two weeks, and I hadn’t looked at that document. Today I simply read the habits out loud to Sabrina, and discussed what I had missed, and came away with a list of about 10 action items, added some things to my calendar.

It has still to pay off, but it already feels like a huge step forward, I’m certain that if I do this almost every week, I’ll be able to follow through on even more this year.

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